Ultimate Bush Master

The 4x4 Action Group is proud to introduce a program we hope will encourage all our members to become safety-conscious, experienced, environmentally aware, courteous, competent, helpful, well-trained outdoors person’s.

Robert Ramage (Committee Member 2014) came up with the idea after having participated & adjudicated in many 4x4 Competitions, but felt these largely judged the vehicle & then the person, on the day & not the person, all the time.

Where Ultimate Bush Master is different is that it's about the person & their behavior & attitude, always. It does not assess you purely on one event over one or two days, but rather who you are ALL the time.

All members of the 4x4 Action Group are automatically entered. Suitable candidates will be nominated by their peers (in good standing).

A panel will review the candidates and the supporting submissions & then decide whether a candidate qualifies to be given the honour of being named ‘Ultimate Bush Master’.

The qualities we seek in a person who will be honoured with the title Ultimate Bush Master include inter alia:

The Right Attitude:
A humble person who quietly & competently goes about his task.

Environmental awareness:
A person who does not litter, in fact, he or she will pick up litter where possible.
A person who knows proper bush toilet etiquette.
Who does not cause unnecessary damage to the soil or plant life.

A friendly helpful person, one who slows down when driving through a village, offers to assist a stranded fellow traveler, helps others with recoveries etc.

Driving skill & ability:
A competent Off Roader, who reads the best line,(not the hardest/most spectacular line),a person to who ‘As slow as possible, as fast as necessary’ is 2nd nature.

Vehicle preparedness:
A person who never goes off road without his compressor, gauge, recovery equipment, recovery points, spares etc.
A person who has sufficient recovery gear for the task & who’s vehicle is equipped & prepared for the trip to be Undertaken. Tyres at correct pressures, vehicle is a serviceable condition etc.

Campsite etiquette and set up:
A person who sets up a well laid out, efficient campsite whether with it is just a tarp or latest trailer/caravan.
Who positions his camp taking the terrain, sunrise & sunset, water flow etc. into account.

A team player, helpful, willing to provide advice & assistance. Willing to lend a hand or a word of encouragement.
A person willing to share his knowledge & experience.

Meals & Cooking:
An original bush tucker, who brings appropriate supplies & has a well-planned efficient food packing.
For example, the 1st nights meat is not at the bottom of the freezer, one who knows what is required to cook the meals & has sufficient gas, wood or charcoal for the duration.

Braai/fire control and effectiveness:
A person who understands fire safety , who ensures vehicles are a safe distance away, who has sand or fire extinguishing equipment nearby in case of an emergency, one who kills his fire properly before departing a campsite.

Navigation skills:
A person who possess sufficient GPS knowledge for the trip to be undertaken. One for whom getting lost is highly improbable.

Safety awareness:
A person who wearing their seat belt (unless crossing water), who knows to have the window closed 3/4 when doing an obstacle, who ensure there are no loose items in the vehicle which may move/shift during an obstacle or should the vehicle tip, flip, or roll. A person who ensures their passengers are not a liability.

Adventurous not reckless:
Whilst we want a person who is brave & daring, we do not seek one who is reckless with his property or who would endanger himself or others.

Nominations will be only be made once a year & the honour will bestowed in a suitable manner.
Those elected will be given a badge of honour & certificate.

However, if a person gets nominated & all agree on the nomination however, there are questions over one aspect of that person's ability, we reserve the right to set up a test to determine if they have the required ability.