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Martin de Jager
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I know the feeling, done it twice, once only me and my wife, then 2018 with the club...
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BushWacker wrote:
Mon Mar 15, 2021 10:49 pm
When we got to the top of MacDui, we sipped a gin or two ensure the sun then it was quite another trail down...
... as Hansie would say :
' ... the Devil made me MacDui ... '
... Famous Fiver VoorLoper ...
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Jaco Jeep RIP
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Mad Manny wrote:I did 3 Provinces 3 times.
Each time I did it I did the Waterfall & Hels Hoogte.
I've also done the other two trails on the farm.

Other people go to 3P, only do the Mountain trail & skip Waterfall & HelsHoogte.

Do I count 3P as 4 trails (1. Mountain Route, 2. Waterfall & HH, + 3 & 4 the other two trails)?

I've done Moegatle many times, most times I do everything, Ou Ryperd etc. (I just skip Klipdrift) & I often do Koos Se Klim
Others go there, do the easy part of the trail & skip the klim - should I then get 3 credits for Moegatle?

The rules are clear: A VENUE COUNTS ONCE...
Getting recovered at Hells hoogte does not count Manny, you did not finish, capice

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Anthony Forgey
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A venue counts once

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