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Commandments, Conduct, Behaviour & Etiquette

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Commandments, Conduct, Behaviour & Etiquette


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Ten Commandments when participating in a 4x4 Trail/Outing:
These should be presented to the group prior to heading out…
  1. NO DRINKING alcohol - Not by Drivers or their passengers. No discussion.
  2. Convoy Rules: Always keep a safe following distance but keep the person in front & more importantly, the person behind, in sight.
  3. Recoveries: One person will assume command of a recovery, recoveries to be done correctly, no tow-ball recoveries, people to stand clear etc. Safety First.
  4. Recovery Equipment: Everyone should carry a complete kit of Recovery Gear. 4x4 Etiquette prescribes that you should use your own equipment if you require recovery.
  5. Passengers: Vehicle drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers and guests.
  6. Loose Items: Make sure all items (Cooler-boxes, bags, compressors etc.) are secure & can’t move, fall, or cause harm or damage in the event of tipping, rolling, etc.
  7. Tyre Pressures: Deflate/inflate tyres appropriate to the type of trail, conditions, tyre type & vehicle.
  8. Safety: Safety first! Wear your seatbelts, except when doing deeper water crossings. It is advisable to keep your windows ¾ closed. Remember: drive as slow as possible, yet as fast as necessary.
  9. Event leader: Abide by the rules set down by the event leader They are simple rules, not intended to restrict your fun, but rather provide a measure of safety for you and your family and others on the trail.
  10. Finally, always abide by the 4x4AG Code of Conduct

Code of Conduc​t
  1. Assist in keeping our country clean.
  2. Preserve our fauna and flora.
  3. Respect the peace and privacy of fellow campers at camping sites and will not make nuisances of themselves when camping.
  4. Respect and abide by the rules and regulations of the country, our national parks, conservation and public areas.
  5. Respect the right of privacy, peace and solitude of other human beings.
  6. Obtain permission before driving on private land.
  7. Keep your vehicle mechanical sound and clean to reduce environmental impact. Carry sufficient tools, spares and recovery equipment.
  8. Abide to the traffic rules. Drive defensively and set an example to others. Be friendly and courteous to fellow road users. Assist fellow four wheel drivers in need.
  9. Take responsibility for your actions. Promote the safe and responsible use of four wheel drive vehicles. Accept responsibility for your group. Do not drink and drive.
  10. Support four wheel driving as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity. Obey the constitution and rules of the club.
  11. Keep to existing roads and tracks. Avoid sensitive eco systems. Travel in a group or with another vehicle in remote areas. Take adequate water, food, first aid and fuel. Pre-plan trips carefully before departure.
  12. If you drive in farming areas remember the golden rule: If you find the gate open, leave it open. If you find the gate closed, close it again behind you.
  13. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but tracks.