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4x4 Action Group History

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4x4 Action Group History


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The 4x4 ACTION GROUP - History & Purpose.

The 4x4 Action Group was initially founded in 2012/3 to protect the interests of the Off Road User during the time that the AAWDC was trying to introduce the NORC & NORS.

Whilst these initiatives (Like Driver Training, an Off Road Drivers License, Co-operation between Trail & Route owners & a standard between Off Road Driving Trainers) were all good, they way these were going to be introduced was flawed.

After the collapse of the AAWDC, NORC & the NORS fell away. It was then decided that the club should continue in order to:

1. Promote Safe & Responsible Off Road Use.
This means that, through training & communication, the 4x4 Action Group would encourage responsible behaviour whilst visiting, driving in or camping at our trails, tracks, in our camp sites & parks.

2. Arrange Outings for the enjoyment of our members & other Responsible Off Road Users.

3. Provide a 'Home' where like-minded Off Road Users can interact with others of similar out look.

4. Assist, in collaboration with ORRA, with responsible, legal & convenience access to & use of Off Road Radios.

5. Continue to grow & develop the skills of our membership, especially regarding:
* Off Road Driving
* Recoveries
* Convoys
* Camping
* Overlanding
* Vehicle Care
* Etc.

6. Have fun