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About Us


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The 4x4 Action Group provides a ‘home’ for 4x4 Enthusiast & Off Road Users.
There are 3 aspects to the 4x4 Action Group that sets us apart from most other clubs:

Firstly, we are a National Club.
There are +- 50 4x4 clubs in SA, only 25% of which are National, the balance are regional Clubs.

Secondly, we are not-brand specific.
Nearly half the National Clubs are for owners of a specific brand of 4x4, be it Land Rover, Land Cruiser or Jeep etc.

Thirdly and most importantly, is the role we fulfill.
To a large extent, 4x4 clubs restrict their activities to only ‘on the ground’ activities.
Arranging trips, exchanging info & advice regarding 4x4 related matters etc.
This is where the 4x4 Action Group differs. Whilst we agree that the ‘on the ground’ role is important, it is only one of the three roles we fulfil.

We see our three main roles as Legislative Representation, Developmental Assistance & the aforementioned ‘on the ground’ function:
  • Legislative Representation:
    • Inform members of proposed legislation which may affect them.
    • Represent & defend our members against legislative threats.
  • Developmental Assistance:
    • Encourage our members to become better Off Road users (Ultimate Bush Master & Ultimate Trail Master play arole here).
    • Provide behavioral guidelines.
    • Encourage training & make recommendations in this regard.
  • On the Ground function:
    • Arrange gatherings & outings like River Trips, Fun Days, Trails, and Trips Etc...
    • Assist with Radio licenses.
    • Provide product info & guidance.