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4x4 Action Group Constitution


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  1. NAME
    The name of the Club shall be '4x4 Action Group', hereinafter referred to as the 'Club'.
      The main objective of the Club is to promote, organize and support off-road related activities and to care for and protect the interests of its members in the execution of our shared passion of off-road, trail, dune and overland driving.
        Membership of the Club shall be available and open to any natural person who supports the aims of the club.
          1. The annual subscription fees shall be set from time to time by the Club Members.
          2. Club membership fees will be determined by a vote of all members, fees will be paid for the period January to December. All existing member fees will be due and payable by no later than the end of February of each year. Any non-payment would result in immediate termination of membership. No pro-rata fees will be applicable.
          3. The financial year of the Club shall end on 31 December in each year.
          4. A full finance policy will be implemented and adhered to by the Club. This will be available on the request of any member.
          5. Quarterly accounts will be distributed to all members, and an annual full balance sheet and income statement will be issued no later than 1 March of each year. This will be submitted at the yearly AGM.
          1. The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a committee (Hereinafter referred to as the 'Club Committee), consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and additional members as required, subject to a maximum total of 8.
          2. These positions will all be open for re-election on an annual basis.
          3. The tasks and responsibilities of the various committee members will be decided amongst themselves and be communicated to all club members.
          1. General meetings will be held annually.
          2. The meeting must be held by 31 March of each year.
          3. Nominations for committee positions must be received by the Secretary by 1 March. Nominees must be club members in good standing, and must have been club members for a minimum of 6 months.
          4. Existing Committee members may be nominated for re-election, but may not occupy the same position on the committee for more than two consecutive years.
          5. A Committee member may serve in different positions on the committee.
        • MISCONDUCT
          1. Should any Member, in the opinion of the Club Committee, be guilty of misconduct, the Association committee shall have the power to call upon such Member to appear before the Club Committee and explain his or her conduct, after which the Club Committee has the power to suspend or terminate the Member’s membership and should such Member fail to appear when called upon, to suspend or otherwise deal with such member in a manner its deems fit.
          2. Any decision of the Club Committee in terms of this Rule, should be notified to the Member concerned in writing.
          3. Misconduct must be reported to the committee in writing.Transgressions must be substantiated by proof by means of affidavits, including verified transcripts of conversations, photographs or recordings.
          1. The constitution may be added to or altered in any manner whatsoever by resolution of a majority of two-thirds of the votes of the voting members
            represented at an Annual General or Special General meeting, provided that notices shall have been given to members at least thirty (30) days prior to
            such General or Special Meeting, of the terms of the proposed addition or alteration.
          2. Whenever any such addition or alteration shall have been so made in the Constitution, a copy thereof shall be sent to each member of the Club.
          In the case of doubt as to the meaning or interpretation of this Constitution or any part thereof, the decision of the Club Committee shall be final and binding.
          • GENERAL
            The profits or gains of the Club shall not be distributed to any person and the funds of the Club shall be used for the investment or for the achievement of the objectives for which the Club has been established.