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Post by CornellMans »

Just FYI

As a non-member I could download it as well. Not sure if you want to consider moving it to a location where only paid up club members can download it as per your original post.
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Post by Mad Manny »

Cornell, I thought of that, even considered only mailing the PDF to Club Members on request, but then I decided against it, for 3 reasons:
1 It would be too difficult to manage.
2. When the AAWDC disappeared there was over R190k in the account.
We have never been told what happened to the money.
But that money belonged to the Clubs who's subscriptions funded the DTM.
So the DTM belongs to the Clubs, not the AAWDC.
3. The DTM is a great piece of work and it is wrong that the AAWDC was prepared to let it lie when it could benefit the Off Road User.
By releasing it the 4x4 Action Group has addressed that.

Incidentally the Raison D'Entree of the 4x4AG is to grow and develop responsible Off Road Use, the DTM will contribute towards that goal.

BTW: Over the years I have queried what happened to the AAWDC funds, each time I have been threatened by someone for asking, the most recent time was this week.
No one has ever made an attempt to explain where the money went...

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Post by jakeslouw »

Manuel, we often didn't see eye to eye, but I'm 100% behind you on sticking it to the AAWDC. Hence my previous membership in the 4x4AG.

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Post by Prof »

Manoel, who did you ask about the funds?

You should contact Malcolm Timberlake...

Interestingly I had a prelim copy of the DTM but wasn't mine to pass around? Good on you speaking to Glynn.
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Post by Ricof4e »

Well, I just finished reading the manual.

I am glad I did.

Good stuff!
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