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Advertising & Commercial Members


Post by Mad Manny »

This Forum is a communication device of the 4x4 Action Group.
The 4x4 Action Group encourages the safe & responsible use of our vehicles & environment.
We are about a passion for the outdoors & the outdoor lifestyle.
We are NOT about money. This is a key to our success.

A Forum does cost (a little) to run & to that end (& that end only) we will allow adverting on this Forum.

A banner (such as the NF Additives one currently displayed) is available at a cost of [R400.00 in 2018, R600.00 in 2019 & 2020] per annum.

We will only allow a maximum of ten banners (rotating equally).

This is more than enough to cover the running & storage costs associated with this Forum.

It is NOT our intention to allow commercial members, panhandling, gratuitous self promotion, spamming etc...

Contact us if you'd like to flight an advert.

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Post by Crips »

Pricing for 2019\2020

Price is R600 for 12months.
Money is payable by EFT to the club account, reference is advertisers name and ad (example PremierWheelsAd)
We will need the ad in the following size 728x90pixels in jpg or png format.
You can send us a new ad every month if you so wish. We will also need the website or Facebook page you want the ad to link to.
You can mail if you need any more info or assistance.

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