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Looking for a Product or Service


Post by Wave »

Erin wrote: ↑
Thu May 28, 2020 12:23 pm
Thank you, I need someone that can come and check / repair a door on a Smeg oven. The oven door doesn't close properly and I'm buggered if I can see how to adjust the hinges, if that's even possible.

If they can talk nicely (without using a big hammer) to the ice maker / dispenser on a Defy fridge that will be a bonus.

For obvious reasons, I need someone that can come to my house in Edenvale, Gauteng (both are damn heavy and I'm not going to take them anywhere).
Give Andy a call 082-870-1181 - he may be able to help, if not maybe he can point you in the right direction
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Post by Erin »

Thanks Geoff, I'll give him a holler.

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Post by Mad Manny »

I'm looking for a Home A/C Tiffy.

I have an LG Artcool Aircon. Installed in 2006.

If I use it on HEAT Mode it starts & goes to Defrost mode & stays there.
It's either the circuit, or the reverse valve or the sensor or board.
I spoke to the installer, but he just wants to replace the entire unit.

So someone who repairs Split unit Aircons (LG) in the West Rand area.

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Post by BushWacker »

Have a 1975 Series 3 88” 2.25L petrol ...
... but chassis is not in very good condition and I want to patch/case/repair the main chassis rails between the wheel arches
... so/and to be done without removing the Engine, Bulkhead or Axles ...
... I will remove the cab and flooring and bodywork to expose the main rails ... fuel tank already removed.
... May be awkward but rails will be accessible from above and below ... nearly all welding will be from above .

Can anyone recommend a (preferably coded) welder that would/could do this sort of doctoring work ?
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